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  • Reaching Retirement Goals

    Posted on March 6, 2012 by IALC

    Indexed annuities have helped Frank and his wife Mary Lou achieve their targets for retirement. They have always been diligent about saving money, and wanted the peace of mind and safety indexed annuities provide. Because of their stable funds, Frank and Mary Lou have been able to travel, provide funding for their grandchildren’s education and donate to causes they are passionate about.

    Frank explains that if he had left a large portion of money in the stock market, he would likely have to be working part-time to support he and his wife to make up for what he would have lost. Hear more of Frank’s story below:

  • Fixed Index Annuities (FIA) – What, When, and Why?

    By: Tom Morrow

    Fixed Index Annuities were introduced to provide the same principal protection from market losses enjoyed by all fixed annuity owners. But, here is the kicker...FIAs also gave the annuity owner the potential for higher interest based on the market index used.

    The FIA era began in 1995 when a 60 year old from Massachusetts made a $21,000 premium in a Keyport KeyIndex annuity that grew to $51,779. Not a bad start for FIAs, and did I say something about "Principal Protection."

    The beauty of an annuity is SAFETY. You are guaranteed not to lose your principal, or any interest credited to your account. Like a Fixed Annuity, FIAs also guaranteed a minimum rate of interest. Is it any wonder why, FIAs have grown from just over $100 million the first year to (are you ready)...$210 BILLION at the end of 2010. There was something more than SAFETY going on here!

    Read more... Fixed Index Annuities (FIA) – What, When, and Why?  
  • NAFA

    National Association for Fixed Annuities

    Article By: Kim O'Brien, Executive Director, NAFA

    The investment community has historically used fixed annuities as a stable value component of an integrated investment strategy. Now, two recent innovations within the fixed annuity insurance industry are expanding the role of these products. These innovations provide new opportunities for financial advisors to diversify risk and complement the investment side of an individual's retirement plan with guarantees and insurance.

    Read more... National Association for Fixed Annuities  
  • Fixed Annuities:

    The Missing Piece of Your Retirement Planning Puzzle?

    By Doug Lockwood

    U.S. News MONEY

    Increasingly, the responsibility for funding a comfortable retirement is shifting from the employer and the government to the individual. Many people contribute to employer-sponsored retirement plans and IRAs, but there is another tax-advantaged retirement vehicle that shouldn't be overlooked: annuities.

    Read more... U.S. News & World Report Money  

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